Monday, April 02, 2007

Eventful Week for The Hammond Group

The Hammond Group continues to move at the speed of business. Highlights from the past week include:
  • Last Friday, The Group played an epic, 23-song set at the Kirkland Cafe in Somerville for a moderately sized (and fairly intoxicated) throng of committed well-wishers. The Executive Leadership team would like to thank one and all for their support.
  • This week, The Group took delivery of its debut CD, "Product Launch." This eight-song, 18 minute and 35 second offering powerfully displays the depth, breadth, and heft of the group. Experience it for yourself. E-mail this site to secure a copy. (

  • Finally, at the urging of our highly paid and largely ineffectual consultants, The Group has secured real estate on the popular MySpace social networking site. Please visit us at, then make us one of your friends or sign up as one our friends or whatever you're supposed to do.

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