Sunday, December 23, 2007

A happy holiday for the Hammonds

The Hammond Group is pleased to report on the recent successes of its public outreach strategy:

A. On Sunday, December 16, the group's Christmas offering, "Smoky Christmas," received airplay on WFNX's "NewEngland Product" program and on WBCN's "Boston Emissions," thus quickly quadrupling our commercial airplay penetration for '07. The group plans of submit more CD singles to these and other programs going forward.

B. The Hammond Group played "Smoky Christmas," as well as a thoughtfully chosen selection of hits from its large and growing catalog during a raucous Friday-night show at the Cantab Lounge (downstairs). Thanks to the Blow Up Dads, the Bees Knees, and the Brooklyns for their great sets. Hope to see you all in '08.

C. The group confirmed that its next public offering will be on Thursday, January 24 at the Abbey Lounge. Watch this space for details.

Happy Holidays!

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