Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hammond Group Returns From Hiatus With Renewed Focus

As the Hammond Group heads into the second quarter of 2008 (Q2), the executive leadership team has renewed and redoubled its commitment to the delivery of integrated rock and roll solutions, both live and recorded. In Q2, the Group is on track to meet the following strategic objectives:

1. An appearance at the Abbey Lounge on Friday, May 2. The Group will perform at 9:00 PM, supporting, among others, our strategic partners Miskatonic.

2. The delivery of our much-anticipated follow-up to our debut CD "Project Launch." (Working title: "Mean Business") Having recently completed the "proof-of-concept" stage of the recording process, the Group begins the difficult, yet often magical, recording, mixing, mastering, marketing, and distribution stages.

Watch this space and our My Space page for details.

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