Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Jolly Time

The Hammond Group had a jolly time last night at Club Bohemia (Cantab Lounge, downstairs). Joining in on the jolliness were Beat Soup, the Boston Jolly Pirates, and the Allstonians. Best practices were shared, challenges were turned into opportunities, and paradigms were, indeed, shifted.

If you weren't there (and that means most of you), watch the video below to see part of what you missed.


Anonymous said...

the hazmat song blows. what else ya got?

The Hammond Group said...

Thank you for your feedback. As part of our mission to deliver excellence-focused rock and roll solutions, The Hammond Group welcomes the ideas and opinions of all stakeholders.

Next time, though, have the balls to sign your name.

-The Hammond Group Executive Leadership Group

Anonymous said...

You sayin' I don't have balls?!

~George Clooney

The Hammond Group said...

Oops ... sorry, George.

Anonymous said...

Just don't let it happen again.