Monday, January 08, 2007

Winter 2007 Product Offerings

As part of our ongoing effort to provide compelling content for our partners, the Hammond Group is proud to present these new product offerings for Winter 2007.


LoungeTracks said...

Onboarding with The Hammond Group
Going forward, perfectly disambiguous and impactful of current value-streams, word of mouse says there's a new mission critical earcandy in the matrix, quietly called, The Hammond Group.

Recontextualizing and base-tending today's multi-slacker mouse potato with just-out, sense-checking rock and roll. The Hammond Group parachute in and operationalize today's marketecture while incenting a zero-tasking structure on the brick and click competition.

The Hammond Group, make them today's primary action item and whiteboard them, sooner.

The Hammond Group said...

Finally, someone who gets it.

LoungeTracks said...


Re. the "coming to Jesus" meeting with Acquisitions, the resident spokesweasel tried blowing more fairy dust on the project. His up-skilling went over like the metric system - even the deceptionist rolled her optics!