Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Recent Activities

Since forming The Hammond Group, and more intensely in the past several months, we have had conversations with many members of the Somerville, Cambridge, and greater Boston communities to talk about how our music affects the recruitment, retention, and experience of rock and roll fans in the area. The governing board and senior leadership of The Hammond Group is deeply committed to removing barriers that may exist for fan members and to examine and assess the effects that music may play in the fulfillment, advancement and experience of youth and adults in our communities today. As a first step, and using a recent study of the status of rock and roll in society as a guide, we will work with our fan base and others to establish a committee of leaders, and provide them with the necessary resources to undertake a comprehensive, rigorous and systematic study of these issues. We look forward to reaching out to, and working with, the entire Somerville, Cambridge and greater Boston community in these efforts.

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