Sunday, February 25, 2007

Successful IPO for The Hammond Group

On Friday, February 23, The Hammond Group presented a compelling value story and a strong statement of purpose during its Initial Public Offering at the Linwood Grill in Boston. Offered to an engaged (if inebriated) audience of professionals, The Hammond Group provided exceptional content through a cutting-edge rock and roll delivery model. Ultimately, The Hammond Group served notice that the paradigm has shifted and a tipping point has been reached (sort of).

Thanks to everyone who came out on Friday night - and special thanks to Miskatonic and the Auto Interiors.

(Note to stakeholders: An internal review into the technical deficiencies presented by Guitarist/Chief Strategist Buzz Word has been launched by the Executive Leadership Team of The Hammond Group. The organization regrets any inconvenience he might have caused.)

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Stix Sigma, QA Director said...

An internal review of the events of Friday 23 Feb 2007 was conducted by The Hammond Group's Quality Assurance unit using best-practice root cause analysis tools. Root cause of the guitar malfunction was revealed to be excessive force applied to the strings by both the right and left hands of Guitarist/Chief Strategist Buzz Word during the song "Hazmat." Corrective Action was to tune the guitar, and was performed in real time. Preventive Action suggested by the QA team is to request that Logistics provide a second guitar dedicated to use in "Hazmat" or to request that HR supply an additional resource (a guitar tech). The QA team requests a response to these findings, with action plan and anticipated completion dates, by COB Wednesday 14th March 2007

SS 06 Mar 07